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Mixing Varying Widths of Hardwood Floors

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Mixing varying widths of hardwood floors
Random widths are a design trend that you can bring into your home to help create a unique statement. Historically, random width planks were created in order to utilize the cut of the tree in the most efficient way. Using these various sizes within your home will help you create a floor with a more natural, authentic feel.

So how can you achieve this look in your home? Well, that’s easy! With the popular open concept floor plans we live in today, creating patterns with flooring can help to define each space. Use a wider width plank in, let’s say, the living room to make it feel more grand, and use narrow planks in an alcove or reading nook to make it feel cozier and more intimate. Can’t decide between wide or narrow? You don’t need to; we've got designer mixes created that include the perfect mix of the hottest widths in each carton. Many of our EPIC Plus™ styles come in a mixed width containing 3", 5", and 6 3/8" boards to make it easy. The sky is the limit!

Wood flooring in your home is as relevant today as it ever has been. Don’t be afraid to mix up the widths and use different patterns to define spaces within your home. You are only limited by your imagination.