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Hardwood Warranties
Enjoy beautiful pre-finished hardwood flooring and peace of mind for years to come with the warranty protection of Shaw Hardwoods. The below text outlines just a few warranty highlights. You can download the entire warranty brochure for detailed warranty information

Limited lifetime structural warranty

Shaw warrants all first-quality engineered hardwood floors, in their manufactured condition, to be free from defects in material and workmanship including milling, assembly, dimension, and grading. Shaw additionally warrants that these engineered hardwood floors will not delaminate when properly installed and maintained according to Shaw’s installation and maintenance procedures.

Limited warranty for residential finish wear

Our factory-applied finishes make hardwood floor installations fast and easy. Every plank is ready to install right out of the carton. There is no need for sanding or staining. With our UV-cured finish you gain the assurance of superior durability and wear resistance. Shaw will warrant, under normal residential conditions and uses, and providing that Shaw’s maintenance guidelines are strictly followed, that the finish will not wear through or peel off of the hardwood flooring during the length of the warranty (i.e., 3 years, 25 years, lifetime, etc.) of the product you purchase. Consult your retail sales person or the Shaw Information Center 800-441-7429 if you have questions about the length of your warranty. 

Who is covered under these limited warranties

These limited warranties apply to you only if you: (1) are the original consumer purchaser of any Shaw hardwood floor, (2) have paid in full for your hardwood floor, and (3) have purchased the hardwood floor for your own personal residential use and not for resale. These warranties ARE NOT transferable or assignable and they 

DO NOT apply to nonresidential, rental, or commercial purchases/installations.

For complete warranty details please download our warranty brochure.