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Is Hardwood Installation a Good DIY Project?

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Should you install your own hardwood?
You may be asking yourself if you can install your own hardwood.  It's a natural question as you consider the costs of professional installation and the advancements in modern installation methods.    

Considering the investment you're making in the hardwood itself, Shaw recommends that you hire a professional installer.  The experience of a professional installer gives you the best chance to have the flooring installation you envision.

If you do decide to install your hardwood yourself, you will need to be familiar and comfortable with basic carpentry tools, including circular saws, pneumatic staple guns, tape measures and chalk lines, some of which can be significant costs themselves.

Many of the skills involved are not particularly difficult, but they do require precision and know-how.  For your convenience, Shaw provides installation guidelines that cover the required tools as well as basic steps for floor preparation and installation. 

With proper research and planning, installing your own wood flooring can potentially save you money, but perhaps not as much as you would think once workmanship, time and tools are considered.