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Hardwood Plank Lengths

Hardwood Plank Lengths
We invite you to bring the warm tones of nature into with your home with Shaw hardwood floors. Hardwood provides the perfect canvas for your furnishings and can adapt to any design style. The way to create a balanced visual is by using varying lengths of hardwood flooring planks. We make it easy for you by boxing different lengths of planks together.

Our hardwood collections range in length from 8” to 84” depending on the collection. The random lengths provide variety and visual appeal. Utilizing planks with different lengths will result in a non-uniform, authentic looking floor. Additionally, it allows for the natural grain and beautiful characteristics of the wood to become center stage. We take great care in making sure each box of flooring has a nice variety of lengths, meaning there aren’t too many short ones and there aren’t too many long ones. There’s just the right amount of each to create a truly random visual.

Once your new hardwood floor is installed, bring in your other design elements and watch how your room comes to life! Hardwood floors are just as relevant to today’s lifestyle as they were hundreds of years ago. Browse our Customer Gallery today to see how we can help you create your own masterpiece!