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Hardwood Textures
Effortless and smooth, or crafted with character—what’s your surface?
Regardless of your home decor style, there’s a hardwood texture perfect for your flooring needs.

Texture is important to the design of any room—and an easy, beautiful way to add it is by opting for hardwood floors. Here are Shaw’s oh-so-gorgeous hardwood textures and the design themes that correspond well with them:
  • Smooth—an excellent option for sleek, modern rooms.
  • Subtle-scraped—ideal for eclectic designs that pull in modern and traditional elements.
  • Heavy-scraped—perfect for a look that’s cottage-inspired, eclectic, or filled with character.
  • Wire-brushed—elegant, subtle, well-suited for transitional design.
  • Distressed—a wonderful addition to any space with aspects of the vintage or industrial. 

These stunning textures in Shaw’s artisan-crafted flooring will definitely make your room stand out. And in addition to standing out, you’ll want a floor that can stand up to the needs of that room. Check this out…
  • A smooth floor is sleek and elegant but is less forgiving of dents and dings. It’s well-suited for a clean contemporary space, a home office, or a room with a rug.
  • A scraped or brushed floor already has added texture, which means that extra marks and scuffs won’t show in high-traffic places—like home gyms, playrooms, and family rooms.
So add texture. Make it stand out. Make sure it stands up. Take control.
Stop by a showroom and experience the difference Shaw makes. Find the texture that works for you. Our floors will exceed your expectations and leave you smiling!