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Where Can I Install Hardwood?

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Where Can I Install Hardwood?
Hardwood is a fantastic flooring option for almost any room in your home, but there are things you need to know.  Make sure you select the right type of hardwood for the right room. 

One factor to consider is the type of subfloor currently down in the room  where you want to install your hardwood flooring.  Above-ground rooms with a plywood or OSB subfloor can typically utilize both solidengineered and our EPIC Plus™ engineered hardwoods. However, rooms below ground level typically have a concrete subfloor and require an engineered hardwood. 

Additionally, you'll want to consider the characteristics of the specific hardwood style you want to install. Each wood species has a different density and hardness rating, but these differences are less important when you consider other factors such as construction – solid or engineered, texture and finish, such as Shaw’s exclusive ScufResist Platinum finish. Choosing the right construction, texture and finish for the traffic level of your room will make all the difference in your floor’s overall performance. 

Finally, keep in mind that hardwood is organic; it naturally wants to absorb moisture. Though you can install hardwood in kitchens and bathrooms, you may want to consult with your retailer/installer to determine if any additional considerations should be made during your selection process to help you make the perfect choice.