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Flooring Fundamentals

Innovative Laminate


Repairing Laminate Flooring
One of the many great things about Shaw Laminate Flooring is that repairs (if you need them) are fast and easy. Skeptical? Keep reading.

“Oops” happens. Repairing our Laminate flooring is simple.
In the event that accidental damage occurs to one of the planks, minor scratches or dents can be repaired using color-fill materials that can be found at a local home center. These special filler materials will need to be color coordinated with your floor. When matched properly, the repaired area is often invisible.

Glueless Laminate makes replacing individual boards a snap.
Our glueless Laminate may be assembled and disassembled several times. Carefully disassembled glueless joints will retain their original locking integrity during re-assembly. New replacement plank(s) should be acclimated in the replacement area for at least 72 hours, to allow them to equalize to the conditions of the flooring in the room where the replacement(s) will take place.
  • Remove baseboard, wall base, or quarter-round as needed to replace the damaged board(s).
  • Take the flooring apart, one row at a time, by lifting the rows to detach them and then separating the individual boards. Be sure to stack the individual planks in the proper order    for re-installation. This usually eliminates the need to cut planks for start or end of the row lengths.
  • Replace the damaged board with a piece from the edge of the original installation.
  • Insert the properly acclimated new plank(s) along the outer edge of the original flooring installation during re-assembly. This minimizes the chance that a newer plank might stand out from the wear condition of the original installation.
  • Re-install the baseboard, wall base, or quarter round, and the replacement-repair is complete.