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High-gloss, low, or medium. What's your finish?

Laminate Flooring

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Laminate Luster
Do you like the polished, mirror-like finish of high gloss or the low sheen of European oil-rubbed floors?
It’s all a matter of preference, but here are some things to keep in mind when deciding on the level of luster you like:
  • Sleek, high-gloss finishes are elegant, formal, and especially beautiful in low-traffic areas
  • Medium- gloss floors combine a touch of shine with easy up-keep
  • Low-gloss floors are easy to live on—they hide scuffs and scrapes well

Want your floors to shine like you do? 
You know that favorite piece of jewelry that puts some pep in your step and gives you that polished, put-together look? Our high-gloss laminate floors do the same thing for your rooms.  They add energy and sparkle but still look natural and realistic. 
Want floors that say, “Bring it on!” …?
Did you know that low-gloss floors with texture are very forgiving?  They’re perfect for homes with families, pets, and high-traffic areas.

Just remember
No matter what you choose, you’ll love the look of your Shaw laminate flooring!