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Laminate Texture Connection

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The Texture Connection

Have you ever noticed a “Do Not Touch” sign after your hand is already on the thing you shouldn’t be touching? Why does that happen? Because textures call out to us to feel, explore, and connect to the world.
Smooth, grainy, rippled, velvety… textures, especially flooring textures, have the power to comfort, energize, invigorate, and calm.

Shaw Laminate Flooring Is Better Than Ever

 Our laminates simulate the surface textures and characteristics of wood or tile. And they do it so beautifully, you often can’t tell the difference between Shaw laminate flooring and “the real thing.”

Laminate Flooring vs. Other Hard Surfaces

A great alternative to wood and tile, Shaw laminate flooring gives you:
  • Elegance without the maintenance
  • Durability
  • Affordability
  • Limitless design potential to suit you

We’re all about innovative techniques
Texture… it’s what you feel

Are you feeling sleek and refined, rugged and ready-to-tackle-the world, or somewhere in between?
At Shaw, we understand that your floor reflects your personality. That’s why our textured laminate flooring offers it all…
  • Silk: A clean, polished surface with no scraping, brushing, or distressing.
  • Wire-brushed: Technique that offers a subtle distressed, worn look.
  • Embossed-in-Register: Process that aligns light scraping with a sophisticated photo image. The technique enhances the realistic look of Shaw laminate flooring.
Please Touch!

You won’t see any “Do Not Touch” signs here. Shaw laminate floors feel as great as they look!