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Mastic tile adhesive
Congratulations on selecting tile for your home. You have chosen a product that will last for many years and be a beautiful statement in your rooms. While we don’t recommend tile as a do-it-yourself project, it is still important to understand the application process. You need some type of adhesive to make the tile stick to the substrate. Mastic is a ready-to-use adhesive packaged in a plastic pail and the preferred medium for installing wall tiles or small floor tiles. It is generally easier to work with and will set quicker than other adhesives. 

Mastics work best in areas of limited moisture, making this the ideal adhesive for kitchen backsplashes and walls. Mastic has great grabbing power, making it the best choice for these more difficult vertical surfaces. You don’t want to use mastic for a shower or bathtub area as there is too much moisture.

When you are ready to install your new tile, ask your installer what adhesive they will be using. Knowing they are using the proper adhesive for your application will set your mind at ease. With proper installation you will enjoy your new tile for many years to come.