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Grout line width
The possibilities are endless when it comes to the ways you can personalize your stone or tile flooring. In addition to having fun with color combinations of tile and grout, you can get creative with the width of the grout lines between tiles. 

Although it is ultimately up to you how wide you make your grout lines, there are a few guidelines when it comes to achieving the perfect look:

First, the smallest grout lines, less than 1/8 inch, are ideal for rectified tiles. Rectified tiles are perfectly uniform, with precisely defined edges, requiring the least amount of grout. All other cuts of tile, from tumbled to chiseled to punched, contain slight variations in shape and size. This means larger grout lines, 3/16 inch for example, are necessary to achieve a polished look without emphasizing these variations.

Second, grout lines that are too large in comparison to your tiles will take the focus away from your gorgeous flooring and leave you with a grid-like appearance. The wider the grout line, the more noticeable it will be when your installation is complete. It may also require a little more attention during cleaning. Make sure that your grout lines accent and highlight the beauty of your flooring, rather than distract from it.
Aside from these general rules, the size of your grout lines is up to you. Your floor should express your unique style, so let your creativity run wild. We’ll be here to help every step of the way.