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What to Expect and How to Prepare

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What to Expect and How to Prepare
Resilient flooring has become one of the most popular flooring choices in today’s market.  Although it is possible to install your resilient as a DIY project, we recommend hiring a professional installer to do the work. Installing resilient flooring is a labor-intensive process and you need to be able to identify any potential issues with your existing flooring before beginning the installation process.  Being ready and knowing what to expect during your resilient installation will make the entire process go faster and eliminate any surprises.

Your flooring dealer will typically take care of the basics. They will send out an estimator to measure your rooms and determine how much flooring is needed. They will also suggest a local professional installer who is familiar with resilient vinyl flooring and has the necessary experience to install it in your home.  It is important to speak with the installer prior to the installation to determine exactly what they will be responsible for and to set a schedule for the work.

Most installers will move your furniture as part of their installation; however, you will still need to move any small items or breakables before the installer arrives. If you have any larger items  or appliances you may need to arrange to have this moved and rewired by a third party, but check with your installer first, they can tell you just what to expect. Your overall goal is to move any items that could get broken while making your installer’s job as easy as possible. This will speed up the installation process.

Once the work begins, your installer will be responsible for prepping your floor for the new installation. This could mean either removing the old flooring or patching and sanding the existing floor to remove any dips or bumps and making the floor level.  Most installers will remove and dispose of your old flooring; however, it is always a good idea to confirm this before they begin. While prepping the floor the installer will also remove any moulding or trim in the room.  Moulding and trim can be fragile and despite their best efforts, the installer may break a few pieces. If this happens, it is typically your responsibility to replace them. 

It is important to be home during the installation to make any last minutes decisions if any issues arise but make sure you watch from a distance.