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8 Reasons to Choose Dreamy Carpet for the Bedroom

8 Reasons to Choose Dreamy Carpet for the Bedroom
By: Beth Hunter - Home Stories A to Z

When choosing flooring for the bedroom, it's difficult to beat the advantages that carpet provides! If you're currently on the fence about what kind of flooring to install in your bedrooms, I hope this post helps you make an informed decision. In recent decades, wall-to-wall carpet received a bad rap from home enthusiasts in favor of hardwood or laminate flooring; however, with all of the many upgrades in carpet design and technology those opinions are rapidly changing! Let's explore all of the many reasons why carpet is an amazing choice for the bedroom.

1. Carpet is dreamy, cozy, soft, and warm. When we recently needed to replace the carpet in the bedrooms of our four story row home, I visited my local Shaw Floors dealer and browsed through all of the gorgeous carpet offerings by Shaw. I was amazed at how soft and cozy all of the options are. You just cannot beat the feeling of soft carpet underfoot first thing in the morning! The soft comfort of carpet is a cozy way to start and end your day.


2. Carpet comes in an endless array of designs. If it's been awhile since you visited a Shaw Floors dealer, I encourage you to pop in and take a look at what's currently available. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised! Carpet provides a seemingly endless array of options in design, color, texture, and pattern to choose from. It can be both casual and formal, bold and demure, or classic and trendy and allows you to express your unique style in a room.


3. Carpet can be easy to clean and stain resistant! One of the known disadvantages of carpet is that it's not as easy to clean as other flooring options, right? Wrong! Thanks to modern technology many of Shaw's carpets are available in the LifeGuard™ Waterproof Carpet line which you really have to see to believe! Spills and accidents stay on the surface and do not damage your carpet or subfloors, making them the perfect choice for high traffic and kid-friendly spaces. Every Shaw Floors carpet is manufactured with R2X® stain and soil protectant so its fibers are coated in the treatment. This is what protects your carpet from everyday spills and soiling and allows you enough time to grab a towel to clean-up the mess. Most other carpets are only treated with a topical protectant that easily washes away after a steam cleaning. The fact that Shaw Floors R2X is built into the fibers means total coverage that stands the test of time. Shaw Floors LifeGuard technology adds an additional layer of protectant by preventing liquids from seeping through to the carpet pad and into the subfloor – making cleaning up messes a lot easier and allowing for a healthier home.


4. Carpet reduces noise and provides sound insulation. Our urban row home has most of the bedrooms on the second story. With two noisy boys that could possibly be mistaken for heavy-footed elephants, I was so grateful for the sound absorption carpet provides! Carpet is a great option for multiple-level homes where sound insulation is a must.



5. Carpet is potentially safer by providing cushion in the event of a fall. Carpet provides cushion for infants, kids, and the elderly in the event of a fall and might be a safer choice for your family. My boys love to roughhouse and play on carpeted floors, and I always feel safer knowing they are playing on a soft surface. When the boys were still babies and testing the limits of their crib, it gave me some peace of mind knowing that carpet lay beneath them!


6. Carpet is energy saving by retaining the warmth in the room. The cozy feeling of carpet underfoot can provide warmth and comfort during colder months and keep the thermostat lower. Carpets also retain the warmth and are natural thermal insulators which can mean a reduction in heating bills.


7. Carpet is affordable. All flooring options come in a variety of price points, but in general carpet is an incredibly affordable option for the bedroom! Depending on how well you maintain your investment, carpet can last up to 20 years before needing to be replaced.


8. Carpet is easy to maintain. For day-to-day cleaning, a good vacuuming is typically all that carpet requires. Its low maintenance can also mean savings in cleaning supplies and time spent cleaning!


I hope this post helped you see some of the wonderful reasons to choose carpet for the bedroom! To explore your carpet options, click here.