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The Blissful Bee

Decorating a Nursery from the Floor Up + The One Carpet I'll Put in Every Upstairs Room

Decorating a Nursery from the Floor Up
By: Amy Goetz - The Blissful Bee

As a designer, there are a lot of things I consider when designing a room. Some of the most important elements of a room are the wall color and flooring treatment. When I designed my daughter’s nursery, I wanted the overall look and feel to be light and airy, with a lot of fun colors incorporated throughout the design. Since I knew I would be working with a lot of bright colors, I kept the wall and flooring colors neutral. And since I’m designing a bedroom, I also wanted the flooring to be cushioned for my baby girl as she learns to crawl, but also keep up against any future spills as she gets older.

For my carpet, I chose Shaw Floors Quite Durable in Champagne. It was the perfect choice because the neutral color (Champagne) made the room feel so large and open, and the slight pattern of the carpet gave the room some visual interest. I decided to opt out of a large area rug for her room because it simply didn't need one. I wanted the carpet to be the showstopper, and adding a rug would have just distracted from the flooring that I already loved so much.


The best part about this carpet is I'm not worried about spills. This particular carpet is from the Life Happens collection from Shaw Floors, which basically means it's kid and pet proof. The carpet is protected with Shaw Floors’ exclusive R2X® stain and soil treatment which is actually what allows the liquid to sit on top of the carpet long enough for you to grab a towel to clean up the mess. Coupled with the LifeGuard backing to prevent liquid from seeping through the carpet pad and subfloor, makes it ideal for kids and pets. Most stain and soil treatments are applied topically and wash off after the first steam clean. But Shaw Floors manufactures the carpet with R2X so each fiber is coated and protected.


That means that as my children get older, I don’t have to worry about them spilling anything while they’re playing in their rooms. As long as I clean it up fast enough, I’m completely stain free. As a mom, this gives me a lot of peace of mind.


Overall, the carpet I chose for my daughter’s nursery is one of the best decisions I made in her nursery design. She’s already three months old and we’ve had such a blast practicing tummy time and playing with her rattle toys. We’re both super comfortable and worry free. And if you ask me, you can’t go wrong with that combination!