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Trending versus Trendy

Trending versus Trendy
Trendy versus trending?  There is a big difference.  It sounds like minor semantics, but in the world of home design, it’s important.

Trendy is a moment in time.  It can be here this season and gone the next.

Trending, however, is taking part in a much wider and lasting movement. 

When we make big decisions for our home, such as flooring, we don’t want to make a decision based on what is trendy.  "We want to make a decision by what will have lasting appeal," says Emily Morrow, Shaw's Director of Style, Color, and Design. 

A trend expert, like our own Emily Morrow and other designers on her team, is someone who can spot patterns, designs, and colors across a wide range of industries.  It’s the ability to visit a furniture show in Paris, a fashion show in New York City, a designer showcase in China, and a gift show in San Francisco and distill what she sees into the decisions and influences that are most relevant. 


Our Shaw trend experts study the global design marketplace  to find the styles, the patterns, the textures, the materials, and the colors that will have lasting impact and timeless beauty. 

Is there room for trendy in our lives?  Absolutely. Trendy items in our wardrobes and in our homes can provide lively updates for a season.  But when making the significant investments for your home like new floors, trust that the Shaw team is bringing you options that will make your home beautiful this season and many, many more to come.