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At the Picket Fence

Epic Plus™ Hardwood a Year Later

Epic Plus™ Hardwood a Year Later
By: Heather Patterson - At the Picket Fence

When you are a busy, active family, that include teenagers and dogs, durable easy to care for flooring is a must! I knew when I first saw the Epic Plus Engineered hardwood flooring line it would be a great fit for our family and I wasn’t wrong. We chose a hand scraped finish because it is so forgiving of dirt and stands up to dirty shoes and paws. Our prior flooring, with its high gloss finish, seemed to show every footprint but the matte finish of the Grant Grove in the color Bearpaw, is very forgiving. Once a week I like to give it a quick clean with Shaw Floors Hard Surface Cleaner and they look as nice as the day they were installed!

Removing the carpet and installing Epic Plus on our stairs was a must for me during our flooring remodel. The carpeting, that had been chosen for the staircase, was never a favorite of mine so I was ready to see it go! Because our staircase is right at our front door, adding the hardwood on the staircase completely changed the look of our foyer!

We have received so many compliments from friends and family on our new mixed-width Epic Plus Engineered hardwood from Shaw. We are a family that likes to entertain and from the kitchen, to the hallway to the staircase our floors see a lot of traffic. This past year has been full of milestones for our family including the graduation of our youngest child! We hosted several graduation events, that included many teenagers, and our Epic Plus flooring stood up to the test. They are beautiful and timeless as well as practical and durable. A combination that can’t be beat!