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Finding the Perfect Tile for the Kitchen and Bathroom


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Finding the Perfect Tile for the Kitchen and Bathroom
By: Brittany Hayes - Addison’s Wonderland

It is no secret that when it comes to flooring, Shaw Floors is ahead of the game in quality, selection and style. From ceramic to natural stone, porcelain, glass and even mixed metal, Shaw offers so many options in tile that it sometimes becomes difficult to even narrow down the selection. One question that always comes up when building, renovating or remodeling a home is where to even begin in the selection process. From hard finishes to paint colors to flooring and furnishings, building or renovating a home is A LOT to think about!

As busy as most families are today, stain resistance and wearability are usually at the top of the list when it comes to selecting finishes. Natural stone is always a stunner in the beauty game! Although stone tiles do tend to have a slight bit more maintenance than some man made products, they can be a beautiful and truly timeless feature in a space. Using these products on walls and in lower traffic areas are sometimes the best bet to showcase a beautiful stone tile without worry of wear or high maintenance. Ceramic and porcelain tiles tend to be more durable, wear better and do not need re-sealing which can be perfect for kid's spaces, high traffic areas and areas subject to more staining and wear. So our first bit of advice would be to consider MATERIAL first!


Sometimes the best way to start a project is with a source of inspiration! Inspiration can be as general as the style of the home or super specific to each room. It can be a piece of artwork, a feeling or vibe you would like to create in a space or even a general color scheme. So, next for our tile selection checklist would be to select a STYLE! For that timeless and classic feel, penny and hexagon tiles as well as lots of natural stone and even porcelain options made to LOOK like natural stones are the perfect choice! This is where tip #1 comes in handy again! If you know you want that natural stone vibe but also know it's a high traffic area, select a "faux" stone tile. There are soooo many options available now for the marble, travertine or even the hardwood look! For that modern vibe, glass, metal or even mixed metal tiles give that sleek edge with a clean finished look.


You have selected a general style as well as have narrowed down materials so our next bit of advice is to consider SCALE! Scale is one of the most important elements of design and can also make a huge difference in the overall look of a space. Mixing and matching tile size within a space can add interest to a room while contrasting grout can also give the tile a "patterned appearance". In addition to appearance, tile size can also be important to consider when it comes to safety. Smaller tiles create more traction which can be useful in bathrooms and other high traffic areas. Larger smooth tiles can become slippery when wet. Small penny tiles can be a great choice for a vintage vibe while the durability AND traction of a smaller tile make it perfect for most any space! PLUS, a penny or hexagon tile can give you the fun option of using a contrasting color to "write" something in the layout of the tile.