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How I Turned My Basement into a Cozy Den

How I Turned My Basement into a Cozy Den
By: Rhoda Vickers - Southern Hospitality

Moving into a new house is fun and exciting, getting to create living spaces that meet our family needs and feel cozy and comfortable as well. One of the spaces in my previous home that was in need of some cozying up was my downstairs den area. It feels like a basement, but it’s not really a basement because it’s on a slab and there are windows, so it’s not below grade but even with the ground level. But because of the dropped ceiling in that space, it did feel like a basement. Adding extra windows to the room was one of the best things I ever did to help the space feel more inviting and livable.

The room had carpet installed before I moved in and even though I like carpet in certain areas, my first choice is either hardwoods or a smooth surface offered by vinyl planks. One of the best things I did for this space was adding Shaw Floors Floorté to the room. Those luxury vinyl tiles made for instant cozy with their warm textured tone and smoothness to walk on. Extra bonus points for the fact that they are 100% waterproof and if water ever gets to them, they won’t be ruined. I love that factor about this premier flooring!

The new vinyl flooring is the perfect backdrop to my room, adding beauty and functionality that mix well with my textures and colors in the room. One of my favorite things about decorating a room is adding the layers that make it feel special and gives the room personality and it starts from the flooring up, all the way to the furniture chosen, to the extra details of accessories, lighting and rugs. The floor is the backdrop to a beautiful space and I really loved the appeal of those Floorté Luxury Vinyl tiles in my room. The installation totally took my room up a notch and added an extra feeling of elegance, even though the vinyl planks have a causal feel to them.

My husband and I have just moved into a new house after recently getting married and it’s been so fun to create a home for the two of us. We have an unfinished basement on a concrete floor that was just perfect for adding Floorté vinyl planks. I didn’t hesitate to use them again after experiencing them in my previous house and when we walk down there now, the space feels so clean and comfortable even though it’s not all finished yet. We love the fact that the vinyl planks will never be ruined by any water that gets to them and we hope to finish out at least part of the basement in the future and the flooring will already be in place. That’s a win-win for us!