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The Best Carpet for Kids & Families

Best Carpet for Kids & Families
Carpet is a great kid-friendly flooring choice for your home. From nurseries and bedrooms to playrooms and living rooms, you may be surprised by all the benefits of carpet for your home and family.

Soft & Comfortable

Carpet is without a doubt the softest and most comfortable flooring option for your home. Plus, it provides extra support and safety for your kids through all their growing stages:

  • Babies have a soft surface to crawl around and explore on.
  • Toddlers have a little more cushioning when they take their first steps (and falls).
  • Kids have more traction to reduce slips and falls when running through the house.

Warm & Quiet

Carpet works as a natural insulator, adding warmth and absorbing sound to help reduce noise in your home. Who couldn’t use a little more peace and quiet?

Easy to Clean

Children are notorious for being messy. Shaw Floors offers durable carpet with stain-resistant fiber and spill-proof backing to stand up to life’s little messes. Whether it’s muddy cleats, dropped dishes - or the everyday what happened here? - our floors will stand up to almost anything. Check out these Shaw Floors innovations which make your carpet easy to clean and maintain.

R2X® Stain & Soil Resistance

R2X stain & soil treatment protects carpet fiber by repelling liquid so you can clean spills, accidents and soil quickly and easily. Learn more about R2X.

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LifeGuard® Spill-Proof Backing

As the industry’s only spill-proof carpet backing, LifeGuard prevents spills and odor-causing accidents from soaking through to the pad and subfloor - providing complete clean-up protection. Learn more about LifeGuard.

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