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Kids and Carpet


Flooring How To's

Kids and Carpet
Did you know that the flooring you choose for your home just might make a bigger impact on your kids than you realized? 

Safety First

Safety probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think about carpet. But maybe it should be. Carpet provides extra safety for your kids through all their growing stages:
  • Babies have a soft surface to crawl around and explore on.
  • Toddlers have a little more cushioning when they bravely take their first steps (and falls).
  • Older kids have more traction to reduce slips and falls when they’re running through the house (for the millionth time).

Quiet Time

Carpet absorbs sound and helps reduce noise in your home. Who couldn’t use a little more peace and quiet? 
Report Card Check

You know what your kids’ report cards look like—but can you say the same for your carpet?

R2X®—great with kids!

Sorry, R2X® isn’t a robot that can entertain your kids while you get other things done. But it will definitely help you out! R2X Stain and Soil Resistance System is Shaw’s patented carpet treatment that gives complete protection from the top to the bottom of the yarn. Even spills that reach the base of the yarn won’t penetrate and wick back to the top.

If you have kids, you need carpet with R2X.

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