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Best Carpet for Pets
There is nothing quite like coming home to a warm welcome from your pet. Pets are part of our families and every family member deserves to feel comfortable at home. Carpet is a great choice for pet parents - it provides a soft and warm spot for cat naps while absorbing the sound of puppy paws prancing across the floor. Check out the Shaw Floors pet-friendly carpet selection guide below to be sure you select carpet that you and your pet will love for years to come.


When purchasing carpet with pets at home, consider the following:

  • Durability - look for high performance carpet to stand up to the wear and tear of active pets
  • Stain resistance - built-in stain protection provides peace of mind
  • Cleanability - accidents are inevitable so easy-to-clean carpet is a must
  • Construction and color - consider a low pile style with a textured look
  • Sustainability - breathe easy knowing your carpet has good indoor air quality

Bellera is Paws Down: The Best Carpet for Your Pet

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The Bellera carpet collection by Shaw Floors was designed by pet parents and for pet parents with unique flooring solutions to keep you and your pet happy at home. From durability and stain resistance to clever innovations, keep reading to see what makes Bellera perfect for your fur babies.

Durability: Choose high performance carpet.

The type of carpet you select for your home makes a difference in how it will perform over time. Active pets can increase the amount of wear and tear on your carpet so selecting a high performance product is key. Carpet constructed with nylon fiber is a great choice for pet parents as it is widely considered the most durable and resilient fiber. High performance polyester is also a great choice for pets due to its inherent stain resistance.

Bellera + Proven Durability

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Bellera was designed for durability and tested to prove it. Built with pets in mind, it is constructed with our high performance fiber to keep your flooring looking new for years. Our 5-year walk test shows just how forgiving this carpet is after 5 years of spills, messes, pet accidents and everything else. Best of all, Bellera backed by a No Surprises. Worry-free Warranty.™ meaning you can exchange it for a new Shaw Floors style within 30 days for any reason (labor not included). Learn More.

Stain Resistance: Choose carpet with built-in stain protection.

No one wants carpet with visible pet stains. Look for products that offer built-in stain resistance to give you peace of mind that your floor will look beautiful well into the future.

Bellera + R2X® Built-In Stain Treatment


The Bellera Collection features Shaw Floors’ patent and proven R2X® Soil & Stain Resistance to withstand any pet. R2X technology keeps spills at the surface longer for quicker, easier clean-up. With R2X protection, you can feel confident selecting a style you love without worrying about pet stains. Learn more.

Cleanability: Choose carpet that is easy to clean.

Accidents are inevitable when you have pets in the home. You need carpet that is easy to clean and care for when pet accidents, spills and messes occur. Cleaning the mess as soon as possible will help prevent stains and soiling from damaging the look of your carpet. Also keep in mind that vacuuming your carpet thoroughly and frequently is the best way to extend the life of your floor - and helps keep pet hair at bay.

Bellera + Accident Protection

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Shaw Floors provides the ultimate accident protection with LifeGuard® spill-proof backing™. Perfect for active households requiring the cleanest carpet for healthy living, LifeGuard protects your subfloor from stinky, unreachable messes. LifeGuard backing comes standard on all Bellera carpet styles.

Construction and Color: Consider a low pile style with a textured look.

Generally speaking, low, cut pile carpet is ideal for pets as it is less likely to be damaged by pet nails snagging the carpet. A style with a textured visual or fleck of color can help hide dirt or debris tracked in by little paws until you are ready to clean. You know your pet - and your cleaning habits - better than anyone and can make the best call on if these recommendations make sense for you and your floors.

Bellera + Uncompromising Style


Bellera’s high performance construction and built-in stain resistance means you don’t have to choose dark colors or muted patterns in order to hide dirt. From warm or cool tones to solids and patterns large and small, Bellera has something for every pet-loving home.

Sustainability: Choose carpet with good indoor air quality.

Breathe easier knowing your pet is surrounded by good indoor air quality in your home. All Shaw Floors carpet products are Green Label Plus certified indicating they emit the lowest level of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) on the market. Green Label Plus is a voluntary industry testing program for carpet and adhesive products that establishes the high standard for indoor air quality (IAQ) for the carpet industry. Learn More