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Flooring Fundamentals

Carpet Construction & Terminology

Types of Carpet & Construction
Understanding basic carpet construction and commonly used terminology will help you select the perfect carpet for your space.

Carpet Construction

Carpet is manufactured by sewing strands of yarn into a backing material, creating thousands of yarn loops known as “piles.” There are three types of carpet determined by pile:

Cut Pile
Yarn loops are cut. This is one of the most popular carpet types. Texture helps to hide footprints and vacuum cleaner marks.

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Cut-pile with a taller height of yarn
Cut-pile with lower, smoother finishes
Cut-pile with twisty, medium height that creates a less formal but perfect foundation for a variety of settings
Loop Pile
Yarn loops remain uncut. This type of carpet has more texture or pattern. Known for excellent appearance retention.


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Cut and Loop Pile/Patterns
Combination of cut and loop pile yarns. This creates a wide variety of patterns.

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Texture Terminology

Carpet textures vary depending on the length of the yarn, the twist in the yarn and the height.

Single colored effect with uniform texture.
Tone on tone color variation that creates a textured aesthetic.
Color variances that complement each other. The color of the carpet is speckled, not only making it aesthetically appealing but also hiding stains and soil. Accents can be applied to both solids and tonals.