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Wear Layer
It’s our job to give your home a solid foundation so that when you choose Shaw Floors, you know you’re purchasing the most durable flooring from a name you can trust. 

So, what exactly is it that makes our flooring so strong? We’re going to tell you a little about the MVP of our resilient flooring—the wear layer.

It’s simple – the wear layer helps your floor last longer. Made of clear PVC film and applied to the top of the photographic layer, the wear layer adds an extra boost of durability and extends the life of your resilient flooring.

The thickness of the wear layer is measured in mils, and wear layers are typically 6, 12 or 20 mils thick. As you may have guessed, the thicker the wear layer, the tougher the flooring will be. In fact, the 20-mil thickness can even stand up to commercial settings. If you’re choosing flooring for a high-traffic entryway into your home, go with the middle or higher wear layer. If your room in question isn’t likely to see much action in terms of foot traffic, a lesser thickness will work just fine.

Ultimately, when you choose flooring from Shaw, you can rest assured that performance is built right into the product, regardless of wear layer thickness. Our commitment to delivering beautiful and durable flooring is more than a promise—it’s just who we are.