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Resilient sheet vinyl - texture variations

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Resilient Sheet Vinyl—Texture Variations
Any way you look at it—from a distance or up close—modern sheet vinyl makes a good impression. In addition to stylish designs and colors, it offers such realistic texture that your floor will be positively eye-popping. We’re talking high-tech texture, and it really makes a difference. For example, look for:

Stone tile visuals
  • Close-to-nature stone visuals with lots of color change and motion, which surface texture nicely highlights
  • Varied surfaces—from light texturing that gives the subtle detail of smoother stone to stronger embossing that replicates the rough-hewn look of clefted stone

Wood plank visuals
  • Light texturing that looks like elegant wire-brushing
  • Embossing that plays up the pattern in “species” with heavy graining
  • Embossing that creates the look of artisanal “hand-scraping”