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Floorte Vinyl Underlayment

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Floorte Vinyl Underlayment Options
All Floorte waterproof vinyl flooring "Plus" styles feature attached pad for added comfort and sound reduction. For Floorte styles without attached pad, the following underlayments are great options for reducing sound and adding comfort:

Bravo Underlayment
  • Acoustical flooring Underlayment
  • "Just right" thickness for comfort and stability
  • Seam overlap protection with peel and stick adhesive strip eliminating the need to tape seams when installing over concrete
  • Closed cell construction for better sound control
  • Bonded polyethylene layer provides a moisture retardent barrier
  • For use over concrete or wood substrates on all grade levels
  • Made in USA

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SELITAC® Underlayment
  • Folding fanfold panels are easy to lay, easy to latch and easy to cut
  • The fine-celled, extruded polystrene foam offers thermal insulation
  • Corrects minor subfloor imperfections and cracks
  • Superior compression strength protects against damage at the seams
  • Moisture and vapor proof
  • simple to lay fanfold design
  • Easier to work with than roll-type underlayments
  • 100% recyclable

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