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What is ceramic tile?
Shaw is proud to offer quality ceramic tile featuring the look of natural stone and even wood looks in rectangular planks. Ceramic is always a great choice for high traffic areas in the home.

Our ceramic tiles begin with clay made from dust created out of rock, slate or marble. This fine mixture of clay is baked and pressed with tremendous force into a set size and shape, which gives the flooring its outstanding ability to withstand force and stress without breaking. The distinct shape of the tile is determined by the method in which it is cut. Ceramic tiles are cut in many different ways, including punched, chiseled, tumbled and rectified.

After the clay is baked and cut into tiles, we add one of our beautiful, high-definition digital images to the surface. This “photographic layer” gives the flooring its stunningly realistic hardwood or stone visual. Finally, a layer of glaze is added on top of the photographic layer to seal and protect the image before the tiles are baked a second time. 

Ceramic tile tends to be more cost effective than porcelain and is usually easier for installers to cut than porcelain because it isn't as dense. 

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