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Grout color
The right grout is extremely important to achieve the perfect tile installation, and not only for its practical purpose. Believe it or not, grout is a key element in design as well. The color of your grout will help you achieve a distinctive look for your home. We offer 25 different grout colors for you to choose from. 

Depending on your individual taste, you can choose grout that coordinates or contrasts with your tile, or even accents it. Go with a coordinating color if you’d like a more uniform look that requires less maintenance. A coordinating color will complement the natural beauty of your tile without distracting from it. A tile floor that blends with its grout color is a beautiful neutral option.

A contrasting grout color, on the other hand, can provide a unique, bolder look. Play with different color combinations—the possibilities are endless! For example, choose a grout color that picks up on the darker veining that runs through your tile. Or, use your grout color choice to pick up on a secondary color from your room’s design palette. With subway tiles, a dark grout color can highlight the running pattern. Contrasting your grout and tiles can be lots of fun, and a perfect opportunity to showcase your personal style.

You can also choose an accent color and let your inner designer run wild. Many of our tiles feature stunning multicolored patterns. If you want to highlight one color above the rest, whether in your flooring, your walls, or your furniture, let your grout do the work for you. An accent color will help make your patterns pop and enhance your space.
Have fun with your grout colors. Choose a design strategy that’s all your own. Whether you choose a coordinating, contrasting or accent color, you can’t go wrong if you go with Shaw Floors.